Company profile

UFA Sports renamed as U! Sports

From 1st of August, UFA sports is renamed as U! Sports and operates now under new external appearance. The reason for the new agency brand is the expiring right to use the brand UFA Sports and the consequent pursuit of Lagardère Sports’ and U! Sports’ 2-brand-strategy in the German Market.

Background: UFA Sports was acquired by Lagardère Sports and Entertainment in 2015. As a result of this connection, a 2-brand-strategy has been adopted, in which both of the agencies operate individually and independently within the market and consequently represent their respective objectives and needs of their rights holders and sponsors.

The Hamburg based agency U! Sports is a modern, flexible and innovative service provider for rights holders and clients. The core business is the marketing of commercial rights for sports rights holders in Germany, particular in the sport of football. Individuality, professionalism and transparency are the cornerstones for services in the areas of sponsoring and corporate hospitality products, development of communication solutions for clients and consulting for rights holders. Through a consequent and successful development of its portfolio in the past years, U! Sports has developed into a boutique for rights holders and clients with unique culture and radiance.

The agency's customers include, amongst others, FC St. Pauli, 1. FC Union Berlin, FC Ingolstadt 04 and the Bavarian Football Association (BFV). The company has its headquarters in Hamburg, with other offices in Berlin, Munich, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Heidenheim and Bratislava. U! Sports is a company of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment part of the Lagardère Group. Lagardère Sports and Entertainment has more than 1,600 employees worldwide with offices and operations in more than 25 countries.


agency model

By refusing to limit the services to anonymous rights trading, and by cooperating closely and actively with its partners in every marketing phase, U! Sports pursues a policy that creates added value, with optimal commercial results as the bottom line. In this context, U! Sports offers a full-service approach that integrates the rights holder in all phases of the value added chain and implies a direct relationship to the rights exploiter. Basis is not the acquisition of rights but their distribution as service provider by order and on behalf of the partner.





  • Full transparency
  • Professional services
  • Rights remain with the partner
  • Direct contractual relationship between customer and partner
  • Development of know-how and network with partner
  • Continuous optimization of financial success for all involved