FC Ingolstadt 04

We’re rewriting history

FC Ingolstadt 04 founded on February 5, 2004 by outsourcing of the football compartments of the two clubs MTV Ingolstadt and ESV Ingolstadt.

2015 was the year for the ‘Schanzers’, as the team is also called. The quick ascent up to the highest German division Bundesliga contributed to a constant rise in popularity that keeps on developing. The Audi Sportpark, the Schanzers’ home stadium, has been sold out for almost every Bundesliga home game. The ambitioned club builds on a set of commandments that describes their background and values perfectly:

"We’re hungry for success, but down to earth at the same time. We’re heading for the future, but we’re also defined by our traditions. We’re committed to the club, but also open-minded. Welcome to the Schanzers!"

Together with fans, members and partners, FC Ingolstadt 04 considers itself an aspiring and down to earth club that uses its potential to do successful and honest work in professional German football.